June 30, 2008

san diego update

Sooo... clinicals. Still pretty boring but im overall content i think. 
Last week was my birthday. I  had a fabulous time. I love more than most things trying to get through the whole day without people knowing its my birthday. I loved getting all the phone calls and text messages though, so i dont need everyone around me to say happy birthday. i did go to happy hour after work with an OT, thats how they found out it was my birthday at all. My co-workers got pissed i didnt tell them though and threw me a party the next day with all my patients. we practiced dynamic standing balance with dance moves. it was HILARIOUS! oh my gosh i loved it. never ever am i going to have a party that awesome again!. And jeff and trevor bishop took me out for beer at a sweet irish pub downtown and icecream yay! Del Mar and beach all weekend was awesome. my fave beer, wine, campari, cheetos, and my two best friends, Mary and Marah, a jigsaw puzzle, cable tv, warm ocean, and beach equals basically the best weekend ever. ill post pictures later.
jessica and dave, i miss you guys.