April 26, 2010

Well it's been over a year. I dont care. But i just thought I would write about how I hate needing to take showers. They take me forever so I always procrastinate then I lose sleep because I wait so long. I need my sleep. I wake up like I have been run over by semi EVERYDAY. Monday is my chief procrastination night. Not that I have much to procrastinate about, I just find that I always say to myself, man i wish I made more use of my monday. but every week I waste monday. Something feels good about it. Monday is 24 day, my Dad has to watch it. Its his one show. So I have to multitask or I die. Thats all.

April 22, 2009

oak trees

Ok ok! i know i know this is something new. 
Even now as I sit in starbucks procrastinating (what else is new, right?) I cant think of anything to type. 
um... went to san luis last weekend. that was nice.
i know. as i was driving there, i was looking at an oak tree on the crest of a green hill and i just got super happy.
you know, how sometimes happiness just washes over you suddenly and you smile at nothing or laugh out loud when nothing is funny? well i do. this is just a common phenomenon in my life. when i was little it was when anna was coming to visit, i used to describe it as flashes of just wanting to hug everyone. ha! anyway i look at this oak tree and i was just like: i really like oak trees. alot. then i made up a list of everything i liked about them. i said to myself smiling from behind my sunglasses as i sped past. i love how the branches grow, so that they sweep down and you can climb them. i like that they are low enough to the ground to be reached and are spread out just enough to practically be a simple map of hand and foot holds. i like the way they are that bright shade of green with new growth and dark green when mature. i like that the leaves are soft and almost fuzzy when they are bright green but mature to be firm and spiky when they are that deep green. i like the way they smell. i like the shape of acorns and how smooth they feel in my hand. i like the way the bark looks and how rough it is. i like the way the bark feels, its so course. i like the color of the bark that dark burnt brown color. i like the shape of the tree from a distance how it mirrors the silhouette of a cloud. i just love oak trees. i guess that's kind of interesting. 

November 4, 2008


Because my life is all about grades i cant help but think about how many points voting is worth. i mean i know i got 100%... then i think well i voted the best on everything else... so im probably at 238%.
My mom asked me if i was voting i told her yes. she asked me how i was voting for the props. i told her i was voting no on basically everything that increased spending, yes on 8 and yes on 4. she said she was glad they raised me right. thats why i voted.

November 3, 2008

sounds of rain

as much as i hate cold, and i hate studying, i love the sounds of rain.

October 4, 2008

cloudy day.

Hello, hello, good day, good DAY! despite the cloudy moist weather outside (which everyone knows i detest!! and its true my heart mourns for the sunshine however...) i can not manage to hide my delight about getting to wear a heavy knit sweater with a long sleeved shirt. my excitement can not be contained. (granted i am of course exaggerating the need for such warm attire, even now i sit in short sleeves and shorts in my room with both windows open. and am not the least bit cold or chilled. besides wouldn't you if your window opened out to an apple tree with flitting chirping sparrows and created the most perfect cross ventilation breeze ever?) oh dear the neighbor devil imp children are screeching for their mother and completely ruining he fun of the sparrows and the sweetness of the breeze. curse them!

September 23, 2008

green eyes

did you know how green my eyes are?

September 21, 2008

that one song and my life

Pure Prairie League, Amie.
Sometimes i think, sheesh when will i be discontent with being lonely. clearly i missed some memo and should be very upset and lonely with my current relational status. Then i listen to this song and the independence of it just makes me satisfied and sigh with relief at the life i have chosen. Relatively empowering even.

The parts i like go something like this...
"See I thought that I could keep you for my own,
Amie, what you wanna do?
I think I could stay with you, 
for a while maybe longer if i do.
I keep falling in and out of love with you.
Dont know what im gonna do,
keep falling in and out of love with you."

Clearly the song says i do what i want so be careful, and i take such comfort in that. You see my dad sang it to me as a baby kid growing up. So, i think its more of a feeling i get when i hear this song than anything rational or logical. I still really like being alone.

p.s. i hate studying.