October 4, 2008

cloudy day.

Hello, hello, good day, good DAY! despite the cloudy moist weather outside (which everyone knows i detest!! and its true my heart mourns for the sunshine however...) i can not manage to hide my delight about getting to wear a heavy knit sweater with a long sleeved shirt. my excitement can not be contained. (granted i am of course exaggerating the need for such warm attire, even now i sit in short sleeves and shorts in my room with both windows open. and am not the least bit cold or chilled. besides wouldn't you if your window opened out to an apple tree with flitting chirping sparrows and created the most perfect cross ventilation breeze ever?) oh dear the neighbor devil imp children are screeching for their mother and completely ruining he fun of the sparrows and the sweetness of the breeze. curse them!

1 comment:

colleen said...

i wore boots today. i was so happy :)