November 4, 2008


Because my life is all about grades i cant help but think about how many points voting is worth. i mean i know i got 100%... then i think well i voted the best on everything else... so im probably at 238%.
My mom asked me if i was voting i told her yes. she asked me how i was voting for the props. i told her i was voting no on basically everything that increased spending, yes on 8 and yes on 4. she said she was glad they raised me right. thats why i voted.


whatthehaleman said...

hahaha i love you.

you're being a little amy pike right now, though, with the points. and winning.

colleen said...

amy! i get to see you soon!

whatthehaleman said...

Really The new president is already in office. I think we all need an update. Please?!