April 22, 2009

oak trees

Ok ok! i know i know this is something new. 
Even now as I sit in starbucks procrastinating (what else is new, right?) I cant think of anything to type. 
um... went to san luis last weekend. that was nice.
i know. as i was driving there, i was looking at an oak tree on the crest of a green hill and i just got super happy.
you know, how sometimes happiness just washes over you suddenly and you smile at nothing or laugh out loud when nothing is funny? well i do. this is just a common phenomenon in my life. when i was little it was when anna was coming to visit, i used to describe it as flashes of just wanting to hug everyone. ha! anyway i look at this oak tree and i was just like: i really like oak trees. alot. then i made up a list of everything i liked about them. i said to myself smiling from behind my sunglasses as i sped past. i love how the branches grow, so that they sweep down and you can climb them. i like that they are low enough to the ground to be reached and are spread out just enough to practically be a simple map of hand and foot holds. i like the way they are that bright shade of green with new growth and dark green when mature. i like that the leaves are soft and almost fuzzy when they are bright green but mature to be firm and spiky when they are that deep green. i like the way they smell. i like the shape of acorns and how smooth they feel in my hand. i like the way the bark looks and how rough it is. i like the way the bark feels, its so course. i like the color of the bark that dark burnt brown color. i like the shape of the tree from a distance how it mirrors the silhouette of a cloud. i just love oak trees. i guess that's kind of interesting.